About Harry Hayman Philadelphia

Harry Hayman is a prominent figure in Philadelphia, known for his many business ventures and charitable causes. Harry first made a name for himself in the restaurant and hospitality industries, with an impressive resume of ventures that includes the Bynum HOSPITALITY Group, Gemini Hospitality Consultants, EAST COAST SALOONS & RENEGADE TACOS.

Harry Hayman currently participates in numerous forms of community involvement, including his frequent speaking engagements, the Feed Philly Coalition and The Philadelphia Jazz Experience, which he founded and created.

In case you're unfamiliar with Harry Hayman, you may recognize some of his business ventures such as the Bynum Group, Gemini Hospitality Consultants, McFadden's, and Philly's SOUTH Jazz Kitchen. These are only a few examples of Harry's diverse range of startups in the hospitality and management field, as he has been actively involved with various Philadelphia-based ventures over the years. Aside from his professional engagements, Harry also values spending quality time with his family and supporting his nonprofit foundations through volunteer work and charitable donations.


In case Harry Hayman is not a familiar name to you in Philadelphia, you may have come across some of his notable ventures, including the Bynum Group, Gemini Hospitality Consultants, McFadden's, and Philly's SOUTH Jazz Kitchen. These represent just a few of the many Philadelphia-based startups Harry has been involved with as a specialist in hospitality and management. Apart from his work endeavors, Harry values spending quality time with his family and supporting his nonprofit foundations through volunteer work and donations.


Harry Hayman's newest undertaking in Philadelphia is with Gemini Hospitality Consultants, a company he established, where he presently serves as the CEO. The enterprise provides support to restaurant and foodservice startups, investors, and operators in Philadelphia, helping them establish their operations and achieve further expansion. Harry's team of hospitality management experts conduct financial analysis, website design, and other assessments to ensure these companies are on a path to success. Given Harry's extensive background in the restaurant sector, his expertise is put into practice with every client that relies on Gemini Consulting.

Aside from his professional experience...

Harry’s family has been a crucial factor in his life…

Harry Hayman IV was born to Robin and Harry III in Washington D.C. His father, an international banker, prompted young Harry to travel extensively, living in Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, Venezuela, Mexico, London, Germany, and New York City, among other places.

Growing up, Harry had two younger siblings: a sister named Kimberly, with whom he remains close, and a brother named Brad. In 1997, Kimberly got married and later gave birth to Harry’s three nephews and nieces: Jackson, Ella, and Reed. Despite the age gap, Brad and Harry were also close. However, Brad passed away as a teenager due to heart complications, while Harry was in his mid-twenties. After Brad’s death, the family created the Hayman Family Fund to honor his name.

Currently, Harry is not married, but he is in a serious relationship with his girlfriend, who accompanies him to various events that support the arts, as well as his professional appearances and speeches. She also actively engages in Harry’s charitable contributions.

Harry Hayman values his family highly and remains close to them. He regularly visits his mother, uncles John and Jim, and other family members. Harry relishes spending time with them and even cooks for them. His family values have inspired him in his past, present, and future endeavors, and his upbringing and background have played a significant role in shaping Harry into the person he is today.

The involvement of Harry's family has been pivotal in his life.

At a young age, Harry Hayman had a clear vision of becoming an entrepreneur. At just 17 years old, he began his journey in the bar industry as a dish-washer in Washington, DC. Over the next few years, Harry worked his way up the ranks and took on various roles in bars. By the age of 19, he had become an expeditor and even started his own business called Presto! Design, which focused on marketing special events at local bars and restaurants.

While gaining valuable experience in the bar industry, Harry pursued a traditional education. He attended Radnor High School and later obtained a B.A. in International Business and Finance from The American University. Harry was determined to further his education and prove to himself and others that he could gain admission to the prestigious Wharton School of Business in Philadelphia, which he ultimately accomplished.


Harry Hayman, a successful entrepreneur, has delivered keynote speeches at various public functions and engagements to share his experiences and provide advice to businesses, college students, and individuals in the Greater Philadelphia Area seeking to make an impact. With his diverse background, Harry is capable of discussing a range of topics and always seeks opportunities to share his knowledge with those who can benefit from it.

During his speeches, Harry talks about his personal and professional experiences, issues that are important to him and his family, and ways in which individuals can make the world a better place. Harry has spoken at several higher educational centers in Philadelphia, including Temple University, Drexel University, and the Community College of Philadelphia. At these events, Harry shared his insights on management in the food industry and emphasized the importance of diversity in the workplace and hiring the best candidates.

Harry has also spoken at events for various organizations, including the North Broad Street Renaissance Advisory Board and Alex’s Lemonade Stand, where he serves as a board member. His speeches have ranged from guiding professionals in their business endeavors to encouraging others to become involved in their communities and take action.

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